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NOVA at the forefront in 2023 alongside YERUN network of European universities

Vice-Rector João Amaro de Matos is now a member of the Executive Board of the European Network of Young Research Universities, whose most recent report announces a new year dedicated to strategic pillars for NOVA: equal opportunities, impact on society and environmental responsibility.   

The European Young Research Universities Network (YERUN), of which NOVA is part, has just launched its latest annual report, announcing that, in 2023, there will be no shortage of initiatives on strategic themes for NOVA. The other good news is that, at YERUN's last assembly, the Vice-Rector of NOVA João Amaro de Matos was elected a member of the Executive Board.    

Founded in 2016, in Dublin, YERUN brings together European universities under 50 years old ranked at the top in several international rankings and have research as one of their main pillars.   

Among the main topics covered in this report, are the organization of the two general assemblies in 2022, the results of the YERUN working groups, the latest editions of the Research Mobility Awards and Open Science Awards, as well as the main publications of the network. Among this last group, we highlight the publication of a position paper with key points to carry forward the Reform of Research Evaluation, agreed in the scope of the last YERUN general assembly, which was attended by Professor Isabel Rocha, Vice-Rector of NOVA in charge of Research, Innovation and Value Creation.  

The document now published also reports that, in 2023, the network will be involved in the organization of a series of workshops on common principles and values for international cooperation in research and innovation - and that are also strategic for NOVA, such as gender equality, open access science, excellence in research, social impact and environmental responsibility.   

Special attention will also be given to teaching using digital tools and their competencies, and to sustainability.