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NOVA reiterates its commitment to peace

NOVA University Lisbon reaffirms its firm opposition to any warmongering attitude that endangers human rights. 

NOVA University Lisbon (NOVA) publicly declares its firm opposition to all warmongering attitudes that jeopardise human rights and undermine human freedom and life. In general, we condemn all forms of aggression and loss of life due to armed conflicts, wherever they occur in the world.

We reaffirm our commitment to promoting peace and defending the fundamental rights of all human beings. We believe that dialogue, cooperation and mutual respect are the ways to build a more just and harmonious world.

Specifically concerning the current armed conflict in Palestine, NOVA will not initiate any new collaborative projects with higher education institutions (HEIs) in Israel that have publicly expressed support for the war and with HEIs in Palestine that have publicly supported the terrorist actions of HAMAS.

We stand for peace against war, for education and scientific knowledge that promotes human development and well-being.