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NOVA in solidarity with Turkey and Syria

NOVA University Lisbon expresses solidarity with the victims of the intense earthquakes that hit Turkey and Syria, and the Social Services have already provided psychological support services to students from these two countries. We also appeal to the NOVA Community to help, as much as possible, to support the victims through the organizations that, in Portugal or at a more local level, are collecting donations of money or goods. Find out here how you can do it.

In solidarity with the victims of the violent earthquakes that struck Turkey and Syria, NOVA University Lisbon is making its psychological support services available to students from these countries who need them. 

List of organisations that are collecting donations of money or goods:    


The teams of Caritas in the two countries are working on the ground and at the moment the main concern is to guarantee a rapid and safe response for the survivors and for the thousands of displaced people. The donation can be made to the account with IBAN:   




UNICEF has already set up a helpline for the situation in Turkey, saying that with 55 euros it will be possible to deliver a first aid kit with essential medicines. You can know how to help here.   


Portuguese Red Cross  

Through the Portuguese Red Cross, you can make a monetary donation, by MBWay or bank transfer.  Find out how you can help here.   


Turkish embassy in Lisbon  

Meanwhile, the Turkish embassy in Lisbon has published a list of essential goods that you can donate until 15 February: Winter clothes (adults and children) - coats, mackintoshes, boots, jumpers, trousers, gloves, scarves, hats/caps, socks, underwear.  

Other materials being collected include tents, beds, mattresses (for tents), blankets, sleeping bags, thermoses, and torches; Boxes of food - non-perishable, tinned food; powdered milk/formula; hygiene products; nappies.

The delivery point is the Turkish Embassy (Avenida das Descobertas, 22 Restelo 1400-092 Lisbon).   

If you want to help from Porto, you can contact Zeynep Koca, professor at the University of Porto, at +351 910 597 058.   

The Embassy also has an emergency line: +351 93 861 88 05.  


Local help  

AFAD - Disasters and Emergency Management Authority  

The Disaster and Emergency Management Authority is an institution that works to prevent disasters and minimise damage, plan and coordinate the post-disaster response, and promote cooperation between various government agencies. Find out here how you can help

AKUT - Aruma Kurtarma   

AKUT is an all-volunteer, non-governmental organisation involved in finding, assisting and rescuing those in need in accidents or disasters related to nature, natural disasters and other emergency conditions. More information ​​​​​here.  


AHBAP - Association of Friends  

The Friends Association aims to provide all kinds of help to people in need, in kind and in cash. Find out how you can help here  


UOSSM - Union of Medical relief and Care Organisations  

The UOSSM medical relief and rescue organisation is on the scene amidst the rubble. More information here