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NOVA student promotes humanitarian project in Tanzania 

Founded by António Sá Rodrigues, a philosophy student at NOVA FCSH, the Associação Desconforto Consciente is raising funds for a project that aims to improve the lives of students at a public school in Chamazi, in the region of Dar es Salam, the country's largest and most populous city. Find out how you can help 

It's called "Ser no Mundo" ( meaning “to be in the world”) and it's a humanitarian project that has been running in Tanzania for two years, led by a NOVA student. It was in 2021 that António Sá Rodrigues, a finalist in the Philosophy degree at NOVA FCSH, was granted permission to enter a public school in Tanzania and bring his project of personal development, mental health and sport to thousands of students. 

He is now promoting a fundraising campaign to provide them with lunch every day - and also to distribute reusable sanitary pads to the students. 

At the beginning of May, the Desconforto Crescente association launched a petition for the Ser no Mundo project, reminding everyone that a donation of just two euros can change the life of one of these children. 

Watch the video of the project and find out how you can help