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NOVA’s visit to Colombia - sharing work and talent

The delegation of NOVA visited several Colombian companies, universities and secondary schools and contacted with the NOVA Community in Colombia.

In the context of the internationalization strategy of NOVA University Lisbon (NOVA), the Vice-Rector, Professor João Amaro de Matos visited Colombia, accompanied by collaborators and professors from different areas.

From April 24 to 27, NOVA's delegation visited several companies from different areas (Technology, Energy, Finance, Retail), and also Colombian universities and secondary schools.

The purpose of the visit was to present NOVA, its academic offer and research (which place NOVA in the top 8 of young European universities), as well as its geo-strategic location (showing Lisbon as a privileged access platform for Europe, the United States, Africa and Latin America), in order to identify synergies and partnerships with institutions in that country.

In addition to discussing how the talent and work developed at NOVA may interest the Colombian academy and business world, this was also an opportunity to present the University to students who are finishing high school and consider pursuing university studies in Europe. In fact, NOVA pays particular attention to the successful integration of international students for whom it has launched a foundation programme, the Pre-University Semester.

NOVA has recently started to offer a Double Degree in Finance, enabling students to take the International Masters in Finance at NOVA and Universidad de los Andes and obtaining a diploma from each University.

At present, there are more than 50 Colombian students at NOVA, in areas as varied as Social Sciences and Humanities, Science and Technology, Management and Economics, among others.

As a university focused on attracting and developing global talent, NOVA has a community of Alumni that spreads across the globe. The NOVA Community in Colombia currently has around 80 members and part of them joined the delegation of NOVA for an informal get together in Bogota.