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One year of war: students from Ukraine thank NOVA for support

More than 30 refugees from the war that broke out in Ukraine after the Russian invasion are continuing their studies at NOVA schools. Read some of their stories - and find out how we are helping 

This February marks one year since war broke out on the European continent following Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Many lives are still at risk, many dreams have been interrupted and European values continue to be called into question with each passing day.   

Given the urgency of this terrible situation, the university sector has also mobilized seeking to help in the most diverse ways the people affected by the war - and NOVA is doing its part,    

Decreeing, in the meantime, tuition fee exemption for refugees from the war in Ukraine and creating a microsite with all the information.   

Altogether there are now more than 30 students who had their university life interrupted and managed to continue their studies in our faculties - five of them have agreed to share their stories with us.

This is the case of Ukrainians  Andrii Haran and Anastasiia Leontieva - but not only, since the help is extended to all students who were enrolled in Ukrainian universities, whether they were nationals of Pakistan, like Kanza Shafiq, or Nigeria, like Praise Emmanuel and Hamza Mamuda