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Presentation of Campus Sul – a unique consortium in Portugal

Campus Sul

To promote sustainable development in the south of the country and encourage territorial cohesion. These are the objectives of Campus Sul (South Campus), a unique consortium in Portugal that brings together the University of Évora, the University of Algarve and NOVA University Lisbon, which was presented on the morning of December 22, at the University of Évora.

The Rectors of the three universities - João Sàágua, of NOVA University Lisbon, Ana Costa Freitas, of University of Évora and Paulo Águas, of University of Algarve, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education, Manuel Heitor, and the Minister for Territorial Cohesion, Ana Abrunhosa, in which they commit, through the mobilization of the various available European Community funding sources, to support the teaching, research and innovation activities that may be developed by the South Campus.

Through the best knowledge produced in each of the universities, new degrees, masters and doctorates will be created, namely in the area of sustainability, and in English, which will allow students to spend periods of time in each of the three institutions, with accommodation in university residences. The creation of applied research and innovation centers for sustainability is also foreseen, as well as collaborative agendas with the main social and economic partners of the Region, in critical areas for the development of the South, such as cultural heritage, sustainability of cities and communities, marine biodiversity conservation and sustainable agriculture. In addition, capacity building activities will be carried out for municipal, regional and central administrations in the South, and for other institutions that carry out activities in the Region.

With this consortium, NOVA University Lisbon aims to actively contribute to the promotion of territorial cohesion and the enhancement of the southern regions of Portugal, attracting national and international talent, qualifying local resources in critical areas for sustainable development, carrying out research with impact in these regions, and developing innovative projects in partnership with entities promoting regional development and other national or international entities.

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