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The Rector's Logic

January 2023 edition of Novas da NOVA newsletter

"In Ancient Rome, Janus is, inter alia, the god of beginnings, transitions, time and passages. The month we are in - January - is so called because it is the month of Janus – from the Latin “Ianurius”. 

Important: Janus presided over the beginning and end of conflicts, and therefore over war and peace. 

Interesting: Janus is invariably represented as having two faces, identical but symmetrically opposed, one looking to the past, the other looking to the future. 

We are at war in Europe: Russia brutally invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022. 

Nova University, Lisbon (NOVA) turns 50 this year, 2023. 

Hopefully this year Europe will be presided over by Janus, bringing an end to conflict, and peace. 

Let us ensure that this year of celebration at NOVA is presided over by Janus: honouring our past and starting to build, with vision and ambition, the next 50 years. 

Always: serving society through knowledge. 

Always: aiming for excellence. "