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Applications for the Interdisciplinary Energy Research & Innovation Initiative are open until 7 June

Faculty and researchers of all Academic Units of NOVA are invited to participate.

The Interdisciplinary Energy Research & Innovation Initiative, within the scope of the NOVA Interdisciplinary Research Community (NIRC) in Sustainable Energy Systems, aims to provide funding to help the transformation of the best ideas from the community into ambitious projects, contributing to the transition to a greener and more sustainable economy.

This Initiative is promoted by NOVA University Lisbon (NOVA) with the support of Galp Energia, S.A. (Galp), and is open to the faculty and researchers of all Academic Units of NOVA.

The Initiative is composed of two independent funding tracks:  

  • one to provide funding to the development of interdisciplinary innovative and disruptive ideas in merging at least two distinct, yet interconnected, areas related to Sustainable Energy Systems, denominated as Synergy Grant
  • other to provide support for the implementation of already-developed high-quality interdisciplinary projects, with Technology Readiness Level (TRL) and/or Social Readiness Level (SRL) between 3 and 5, in line with the thematic research lines of the NIRC, denominated as Ignition Grant

The Initiative, including both funding tracks, was designed for teams of at least 2researchers from the NOVA community, experts in different scientific fields, focused on a specific thematic research line of the NIRC in Sustainable Energy Systems. 

All science-based projects or initiatives, within the thematic research lines promoted at the NIRC in Sustainable Energy Systems are admitted, provided they meet the admission conditions described in the Regulation and the specificities of its funding track. 

The proposals should be within the following thematic research lines: 

  • Biomethane production and deployment 
  • Energy Communities
  • Renewables Value Chain
  • Leveraging Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) for Sustainable Leadership 
  • Energy Sustainable Systems (general topic)

Check out the Regulation and submit your application by 7 June, 2024.


Interdisciplinary Energy Research & Innovation Initiative Regulation


Please submit your application until 7 June, 2024 (23:49 Lisbon time).

The Application Form must be completed in English. It can be downloaded here and submitted via email to nova.research@unl.pt.

An email acknowledging receipt of your application will be sent within five working days of submission. Should you have not received confirmation by then please contact the NOVA Research Office at nova.research@unl.pt.

NOVA has launched its first NIRC on Sustainable Energy Systems to establish a community of individuals affiliated with NOVA, from different academic disciplines and backgrounds, eager to tackle the complexity of energy systems and address specific challenges, with interdisciplinary and sustainability lenses. Researchers within this NIRC may include individuals from topics such as science and technology, social sciences and humanities, to legal and politics of energy, economy, and finance, all to develop innovative and impactful solutions for real-world applications, aligned with the principles of sustainable development. Applicants must be active members of the NIRC on Sustainable Energy Systems. If not already registered, applicants must complete their registration via this registration form before the submission deadline.


NOVA has prepared a guide to help you to develop your application.


Please contact nova.research@unl.pt for other questions or clarifications.