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Research Impact Narratives Challenge - applications until 9 June

Researchers at NOVA are challenged to create engaging stories that effectively convey the significance of their research and how it directly affects society.

NOVA University Lisbon has launched the Research Impact Narratives Challenge to encourage researchers to effectively communicate the impact of their research projects through impactful narratives. The initiative includes webinars on impact writing, support materials, and awards for the best narratives.

Scientific research, whether fundamental or applied, is a cornerstone of NOVA, with the potential to impact all aspects of society. In today's world, political, business, and individual decisions are increasingly grounded in the best available science. As such, it's vital for universities to prepare and inspire researchers to communicate the impact of their research in a way that is clear and accessible to everyone. Furthermore, with national and European funding agencies emphasizing research impact, it's essential for researchers to be able to demonstrate the various types of impact their scientific projects have produced.

Through this challenge, NOVA invites all faculty and researchers affiliated with any of the Organic Units of NOVA, regardless of their area or discipline of action, to present the impact of their research and showcase the multitude of effects that their funding has enabled. This impact could include social, environmental, political, cultural, technological, economic, or improvements in health and quality of life.

The deadline for applications, initially set to 9 June, has been extended to 19 June.

Please refer to the regulations and apply through our website.