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Inauguration of the Rector of NOVA - Professor João Sàágua

Tomada de Posse do Reitor da NOVA - Professor João Sàágua

The ceremony for the inauguration of the Rector of NOVA, Professor João Sàágua was held on 14 September at the Rectorate in the presence of several personalities, faculty and non-teaching staff of NOVA, family and friends.

In his first official speech as Rector, Professor João Sàágua recalled the humanistic values ​​that mark NOVA - freedom of opinion and expression, active solidarity, equal treatment and opportunities for all people regardless of their condition, options, or beliefs, honesty, independence and responsibility in all actions undertaken, the pursuit of excellence and the reward of merit.

Professor João Sàágua also acknowledged the members of the outgoing rectoral team, and in particular the outgoing Rector, Professor António Rendas, who received a standing ovation from the audience.

The Rector presented the lines that will guide NOVA over the next years based on the proposed Action Programme, "framed by the ambition of further consolidating NOVA as a GLOBAL and CIVIC university" .

The speech is available here (in Portuguese).

At the same occasion the new Rectoral Team took office. The Rectoral Team is composed of:

Professor José Ferreira Machado, from Nova School of Business and Economics (Nova SBE), PhD in Economics and Econometrics, former Dean of Nova SBE and former Pro-Vice Chancellor da Regent’s University London, is the Vice-Rector responsible for the area of value creation and commitment with society.

Professor José Fragata, from Nova Medical School, medical doctor and surgeon, is the Vice-Rector responsible for the health sciences area, in which NOVA has three out of its nine organizational units, and the coordination of the NOVAhealth platform.

Professora Elvira Fortunato, from FCT NOVA, scientist in materials science and engineering, director of CENIMAT and coordinator of the network of the R&D units of FCT, is the Vice-Rector with the coordination of scientific research.

Professor João Amaro de Matos, from Nova SBE, specializing in the area of Finance, former Associate Dean of Nova SBE for internationalization is the new Vice-rector for the international development of the University.

Professor José João Abrantes, from NOVA Law School, jurist and member of the outgoing rectoral team is the Pro-Rector for legal matters and for the academic area, and coordinator of the Nova Polis platform.

Professor Patrícia Rosado Pinto, from Nova Medical School, specializing in medical education and education sciences is the Pro-Rector for the area of education and training, and co-coordinator of the Nova Forma platform and the Nova Doctoral School.

Professor Isabel Nunes, from FCT NOVA, mechanical engineer, is the Pro-Rector responsible for the coordination of NOVA’s Quality Monitoring and Evaluation System and co-coordinator of the Nova Forma platform

Professora Isabel Rocha, from Universidade do Minho, Professor and researcher in the area of biotechnology, founder of tech startups and responsible for entrepreneurship promotion projects in the MIT-Portugal program, is the Pro-rector who will coordinate the link between the areas of value creation and scientific research.