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Nova SBE’s new campus in Carcavelos

The jury of the architectural competition for the new campus of Nova SBE, with representatives of Nova Executive Education, the Rectorate of Nova University, Nova SBE, the Municipality of Cascais and the School of Architecture of the Technical University of Lisbon, unanimously chose the proposal presented by Vitor Carvalho Araájo Architects. This proposal was considered to be the architectural and engineering project that best reflects the school’s objectives and maximizes the potentialities of the landscape and the ocean views.

Nova SBE’s ambition is to create a school of economics and management in Portugal that is a magnet in attracting the best talent in the world contributing to place the school in the top 10 in the European rankings. The new campus should respond to this challenge and offer a modern and attractive place for students and faculty while simultaneously maximizing the extraordinary potential of the ten acres terrain located by the fort of São Julião da Barra in Carcavelos, which was made available by the Municipality of Cascais.

Five architectural firms have participated in this competition - Frederico Valsassina Architects, Nuno Leónidas Architects, Vítor Carvalho Araájo Architects, OpenBook and Trias de Bes Architecture -, with projects that were exhibited during the months of June and July in Campolide and Cascais, and appreciated and commented by professors, students, alumni, staff, corporate partners and public institutions and other visitors.

Despite the excellence of all the proposals, Vitor Carvalho Araájo Architects’ proposal was preferred by all members of the juri after careful evaluation of functionality aspects as well as construction and operating costs.

For Nova SBE this is another step forward in the pathway towards quality and international recognition, and the reinforcement of its positioning with a project that explores the country’s competitive advantages with a combination of quality and lifestyle thus allowing Nova SBE to sustainably compete with the best schools in Europe.

With an extraordinary architectural project to implement and a magnificent location by the sea, the dream of Nova SBE begins to materialize.

More info: http://www.novasbe.unl.pt/en/news-articles/news/632-nova-sbe-s-new-campus-in-carcavelos