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NOVA's Alumni awarded

João Nuno Assunção (television), Rita Colaço (Radio) and Tiago Carrasco (Multimedia) won the Gazeta Awards.

Rita Colaço, journalist at Antena 1, won the Radio category of Gazeta Awards with "A Rua é um Parlamento", that presents a reflection on citizenship and free expression of ideas and opinions. Through expressive and diverse sound records, it composes a faithful portrait of the protest, crossing several points of view.

"Momentos de Mudança", by Cândida Pinto, João Nuno Assunção and Jorge Pelicano, won the Television category of Gazeta Awards. It’s a groundbreaking work not only by the design and development of the idea behind the nine episodes, but also by the high quality of the image captured by a super 35 mm digital camera, along the lines of cinematic journalism.

"A Estrada da Revolução", by Tiago Carrasco, João Fontes and João Henriques, won the Multimedia category of Gazeta Awards. Through text, video and photography, the three freelance journalists narrated, on a website created for this purpose, their travel through the Middle East, where they faced the inherent dangers of the existing instability, thus contributing to a better understanding of political and social transformation processes taking place in the region.

More info: http://www.clubedejornalistas.pt/?p=8730#more-8730