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National University Championship of Badminton

The National University Badminton Championship, that took place in Aveiro, was dominated by NOVA’s atheletes, who took the first and second places in Women’s singles and won Women's doubles.

Final classification:

Women’s singles
1st place: Vânia Leça - NOVA (FCM) (Qualified for the European University Championship)
2nd place: Catarina Cristina - NOVA (FCM) (Qualified for the STB European Championship)
3rd place: Teresa Diana Figueira – UP

Women's doubles
1st place: Catarina Cristina / Vânia Leça – NOVA
2nd place: Joana Amaral / Inês Bastos – AAUM
3rd place: Carolina Marques / Ana Santos – AAC

The European University Badminton Championship will take place in Uppsala , Sweden, from 6-11 May 2013.