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About NOVAhealth

Universidade NOVA de Lisboa has a unique set of research and teaching competences in health, in Portugal.

NOVA’s scientific expertise covers a wide range of areas, going from basic research, the molecule, to health policies, on the population and patient’s bedside. A major challenge to Universidade NOVA de Lisboa is to take the significant potential that exists to further development in research, teaching and contribution to society. Increasing general awareness of the activities developed by each research centre and of the interests and competences of the University’s researchers and faculty staff is also a central element to capitalize on this potential.

The programme NOVAhealth defines its mission as to improve internal knowledge and promote collaborations between NOVA’s academic units. Its vision is to achieve both national and international recognition of Universidade NOVA de Lisboa as a leading institution in research and academia. 

NOVAhealth team

José Fragata NOVAsaúde

Professor José Fragata
Strategy and coordination of NOVAhealth 


Isabel Faro de Albuquerque, PhD
NOVAhealth Project Manager

Rosa Rafael
NOVAhealth Executive Assistant


Health Experts


Email: novasaude@unl.pt