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SDG 15 - Life on Land

SDG 15 - Life on Land

Nova University Lisbon actively contributes to tackle the SDG 15 collaborating at a local and European level to protect the land.



  • Financed by Erasmus +, ENABLE aims to establish a European education platform to create awareness about the functioning of ecosystems and the benefits of sustainable landscape management, demonstrating that sustainability and profitability can go hand in hand and that the gap between economy and ecology can be bridged.
  • The project Desert-Adapt is developed under the LIFE+ Climate Action sub-program, Adaptation climate priority. Adaptation to climate change is of particular importance for the Mediterranean region which is experiencing increasingly negative climate change effects such as drought and extreme temperature more than other areas in Europe. The project will focus on Adaptation measures aimed at reverting ongoing desertification trends and building more climate resilient local communities. Additionally, it will also address the policy priority of Mitigation, by restoring vegetation cover and soil organic content, resulting in net removals of CO2 from the atmosphere.



NOVA's 9 Academic Units develop programmes and initiatives with direct impact in our community. Get in touch, participate!

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Business Models to prevent Wildfires

In the Global Management Practices course, a CEMS course, students are challenged to develop innovative business models to address a societal problem in a multi-stakeholder approach. This semester, Nova SBE’s participation in the ENABLE project inspired the selection of the main topic of the course, wildfires, given that they are a major threat not only to Portuguese forests and people but also to the rest of the world due to climate change.

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NOVA contributes significantly to the research into the area of SDG15. Here are some examples of specific publications in this area:



NOVA University Lisbon has a strong formative offer, distinguished by quality and variety, linked to the SDGs. It supports the integration of interdisciplinarity and sustainability in all our study cycles.



SDG 15 - Life on Land

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