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SDG 17 - Partnerships for the Goals

ODS 17 - Parcerias para a implementação dos objetivos


NOVA University Lisbon contributes to tackle the SDG17 with a commitment to meaningful activities promoting the cross-sectorial dialogue about the SDGs.

  • NOVA University Lisbon is involved in various international cooperation projects, either as coordinator or participant institution, which conveys its ability to establish partnerships with universities in different countries for the implementation of projects spanning across the globe.
  • NOVA has an extensive list of Partnerships with government bodies, NGOs and other institutions that promote outreach activities and cross-sectoral dialogue on SDGs.
  • Nova SBE joined forces with partner to launch the Social Equity Initiative, a partnership that aims to promote the social sector in Portugal in the long run, sketching a portrait of the sector and developing research and empowerment programs to support Portuguese social organizations. 
  • NOVA is a member os several international networks that facilitate the mobility of students and researchers and the development of collaborative programmes and projects.
    In addition to the institutional networks where NOVA participates, through the Rectorate, all Academic Units participate in specific networks related to their teaching and research fields.