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SDG 2 - Zero Hunger

ODS 2 - Erradicar a fome

Nova University Lisbon actively contributes to tackle the SDG 2 through research, and by offering sustainable, healthy and affordable food choices through canteens and cafeterias spread over all academic units. The canteens offer macrobiotic and vegetarian options. It also addresses nutrition needs by making nutrition appointments available at affordable prices.



  • InnovPlantProtect is a Collaborative Laboratory created to develop innovative bio-based solutions to protect crops from pests and diseases and provide diagnostic and monitoring services, thus contributing to the sustainability of agricultural systems. Its main focus is Mediterranean cultures, in particular their protection against pests and emerging diseases, associated with climate change, the harmful effects of which are already visible in many countries, including Portugal. It is an initiative of Universidade Nova de Lisboa, led by ITQB NOVA, in cooperation with other NOVA research units (FCT NOVA  and NOVA IMS).







NOVA's 9 Academic Units develop programs and initiatives with direct impact in our community. Get in touch, participate!

Description Calendar | Academic Unit

Ciência à mesa

Live streaming to explore the relationship between food and mental health.

2020 | NMS

Fruit picking from the campus’ trees

Sensibilizing for food waste.

2019 | NOVA FCSH

History of Poverty and Hunger


2019 | NOVA FCSH

National Food Bank campaign

NOVA School of Science and Technology was once again present at the Food Bank's national campaign against hunger.

2019 | FCT NOVA




NOVA contributes significantly to the research into the area of SDG2. Besides InnovPlantProtect, learn more about the following research projects:

The Plant Functional Genomics Lab is interested in the study of the environmental impact on plant growth regulation and on the adaptation strategies that permit some plants to survive the stress.

Innovative practices along the food chain: from production to sustainable consumption.

The Project offers a multidisciplinary approach to the discussion about future conditions of food production and consumption through holistic and prospective utopian thinking.




NOVA University Lisbon has a strong formative offer, distinguished by quality and variety, linked to the SDGs. It supports the integration of interdisciplinarity and sustainability in all our study cycles.



SDG2 - Zero Hunger

Master in Food Technology and Safety (FCT NOVA)

Master in Production Technologies and Agro-Industrial Transformation (FCT NOVA)

Master in Precision Agriculture Technologies (FCT NOVA)

Master in Nutritional Phytotechnology for Human Health (FCT NOVA, NMS|FCM)

Master in Biotechnology for Sustainability (ITQB NOVA)

PhD in Food Sciences (FCT NOVA)

PhD in Agroindustrial Technologies (FCT NOVA)

PhD Plans for Life (ITQB NOVA)