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SDG 3 - Good Health and Well-being

ODS 3 - Saúde de qualidade

NOVA University Lisbon actively contributes to tackle the SDG 3 from a multidisciplinary approach, engaging its 9 Academic Units. NOVA is commited to create value in healthcare by science production, innovative solutions and knowledge dissemination. NOVAhealth, a dedicated office at the Rectorate, promotes research collaborations among NOVA’s academic units, as well as with external partners from science, industry and Society. The Social Welfare Services provide health & wellbeing to NOVA’s students and staff: mental health (psychology and psychiatry) and nutricion support, sexual and reproductive healthcare, and sports.

- Partnerships and collaborations with health institutions

- Policies:

- Smoking-free policy



  • NOVA has gathered the contributions of its community in the fight against the new coronavirus and the result is the platform COVID-19_360 by NOVA!
  • ONEIDA, a consortium established to match the urgent need for effective solutions in the prevention and control of infectious diseases and ­antibiotic resistance.
  • Traveler Consultation | The IHMT / ADMT's Center for Traveler's Medicine and Tropical Medicine Clinic provides referral consultations nationwide. 



NOVA's 9 Academic Units develop programs and initiatives with direct impact in our community. Get in touch, participate!

Description Calendar | Academic Unit

Services to the community

List of activites promoted by the School (in portuguese): Avaliação Funcional Integrada; Exames Laboratoriais - Laboratório de Imunologia; Doseamento de Fármacos - Laboratório de Farmacologia; Molecular Biology Platform - Molecular Biology Service; Serviço de Biologia Celular; Pesquisa de Helicobacter Pylori;Teste de Intolerância à Lactose.

Permanent | NMS

Sexual and Reproductive Health

List of activites promoted by the Students Union.

Permanent | NMS - SU

Health literacy and social cohesion in migrant populations

Ensure that migrant populations are not left behind when it comes to health care.

2020 | ENSP - NOVA

Seixal, Healthy Municipality

Promote health, lifestyle, and sport.

2019 | ENSP-NOVA

Cigarette butts collection

Event to collect Cigarette butts from the streets of Lisbon.

2019 | NOVA FCSH



NOVA contributes significantly to the research into the area of SDG3. Besides ONEIDA, learn more about the following research project:

The Discoveries CTR project aims to lay the foundations of a multipolar distributed research centre in Portugal in the area of regenerative and precision Medicine.




NOVA University Lisbon has a strong formative offer, distinguished by quality and variety, linked to the SDGs. It supports the integration of interdisciplinarity and sustainability in all our study cycles.



SDG 3 - Good Health and Well-being

Bachelor in Nutrition Sciences (NMS|FCM)

Integrated Master Degree in Medicine (NMS|FCM)

Master in Nutritional Phytotechnology for Human Health (FCT NOVA, NMS|FCM)

Master in Metabolism and Human Nutrition (NMS|FCM)

Master in Primary Care Mental Health (NMS|FCM)

Masters and PhDs of NOVA IHMT and ENSP-NOVA

PhD in Tropical Knowledge and Management (Nova SBE, NOVA IHMT)



Contribution for SDG 3 in 2019:

Number of graduates in health professions