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SDG 4 - Quality Education

ODS 4 - Quality Education

Nova University Lisbon actively contributes to tackle the SDG4 as part of its core activities. As a public higher education institution, it has the mission to serve the society, through the progress and dissemination of knowledge and understanding between cultures, societies and people, namely by way of a teaching and research of excellence. NOVA provides free access to its intelectual production, and opens the doors of its different Academic Units to high school students who wish to experience and learn about their programmes. NOVA promotes various volunteering activities in order to respond to the needs that continually emerge from our society.

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  • UDI-Africa intends to empower High Education Institutions from African partner countries to play an effective impacting role in fostering sustainable and inclusive development in their region and country. This will be achieved through helping students to connect with local economic activity and local social processes in a way that these students will either create new value chains or help to enhance the existing ones.
  • The Pre-University Semester will help students in the process of adapting to the European teaching system. It aims to level up the technical knowledge of candidates from different countries and provide the required language competencies (when needed) to students who wish to apply, in the future, to a bachelor's degree or integrated masters in one of the Schools of NOVA.
  • "90 Seconds of Science" is a radio programme by Antena 1 in partnership with some of NOVA's Academic Units. It gives voice to portuguese scientists from exact to social sciences.



NOVA's 9 Academic Units develop programmes and initiatives with direct impact in our community. Get in touch, participate!

Description Calendar | Academic Unit

"Let's take care of the planet!" project

Reinforce the democratic culture and civic awareness of school-age youth through the implementation of the methodology of the European project "Let's take care of the planet!" in Portugal, in a structured and networked way.

2019-21 | NOVA FCSH

ESCXEL project

In the context of decentralization and school autonomy policies, that have been changing educational systems over the last decades, this Project is one example of partnerships between schools and other actors, which constitute a form of voluntary regulation of a collaborative (Justino & Batista, 2014), decentralized and informal nature.

Permanent | NOVA FCSH

Hospital da Bonecada

Project developed by the Students Union, the hospital works as a model for children to take care of their puppets.

Permanent  | NMS-SU

FRONTAL Magazine

Online platform to disseminate news and knowledge. Project developed by the Students Union.

Permanent  | NMS-SU

Nova SBE Academy of Purpose

Series of podcasts with faculty, students, and experts in strategic areas to share their insight and help civil society restore the enthusiasm and reinvent their purpose in life during the current pandemic.

2020 | Nova SBE

Economia Viva 2019

Debating the economic and social agenda of the European Comission: productivity; international commerce; Euro and the Economic and Monetary Union; Sustainability of the health sector; Artificial Intelligence.

Annual | Nova SBE

Project Aqueduto das Águas livres

Sensibilize about the presence of Law in the day to day life, how it affects and shapes our behaviour and relationship with the society.

NOVA School of Law

Conference: Quality Education and Development in Lusophony

Conference | Search for answers, solutions, and new ways to assure high quality education in the Portuguese Speaking countries.

2019 | NOVA School of Law

NOVA STEAM Academy 2019

Summer School to promote knowledge and help high school students to decide about their future choices.

Annual | FCT NOVA

EIT Climate-KIC Summer School 

High-tech summer school that brings together students and professionals from all over the world and provides tools to find solutions to climate issues as well as helps the participants to become sustainable entrepreneurs

2019 | FCT NOVA

António V. Xavier Seminars

Created in 2008, "António V. Xavier Seminars” bring to ITQB NOVA outstanding Portuguese researchers working in Portugal to promote the discussion on a diverse range of topics.

Permanent | ITQB NOVA

Summer Science 2019

Summer internships for undergrad students provide you the opportunity to first-hand experience science in a trailblazing research institute. 

Annual | ITQB NOVA

International Microorganism Day 2019

On the International Microorganism Day, discover the superpowers of nanoparticles, unravel the interstellar travel of bacteria, learn how a microscope works, play MICRObowling, and realize the dangers of antibiotic resistance! 

Permanent | ITQB, IHMT

Nearby library

Foster engagement between citizens in science and knowledge in general.

Permanent | IHMT NOVA


Entrepreneurial competition for high school students to stimulate their creativity and entrepreneurial skills while developing an app.

2020 | NOVA IMS

Crisis in Public Health Communication

Open Class.

2019 | ENSP-NOVA



NOVA contributes significantly to the research into the area of SDG3. Learn more about the following research project:

EC Horizon 2020 project dedicated to teaching children to be tolerant, empathetic and inclusive through talking together.








NOVA University Lisbon has a strong formative offer, distinguished by quality and variety, linked to the SDGs. It supports the integration of interdisciplinarity and sustainability in all our study cycles.



ODS4 - Quality Education

Master in Sustainable Urbanism and Spatial Planning (FCT NOVA, NOVA FCSH)

Master in Biotechnology for Sustainability (ITQB NOVA)

Master in Public Health (ENSP-NOVA)

Master in Public Health and Development (IHMT NOVA)

Master in Entrepreneurship and Impact (in preparation – Nova SBE e FCG)

Master in Science Communication (ITQB NOVA, NOVA FCSH)

PhD in Climate Change and Sustainable Development Policies (FCT NOVA, NOVA FCSH, ULisboa)

PhD in Environment and Sustainability (FCT NOVA)

PhD in Sustainable Chemistry (FCT NOVA, ITQB NOVA, UPorto, UA)

PhD in Catalysis and Sustainability (ITQB NOVA, ULisboa)

PhD in Tropical Knowledge and Management (Nova SBE, IHMT NOVA)

PhD in Languages Teaching – Multilingualism and Education for a Global Citizenship (provided in b-learning) (NOVA FCSH, Universidade Aberta)

 Lifelong Learning -  Centro Luís Krus - Formação ao Longo da Vida (NOVA FCSH)



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