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Margarida Lima Rego

Margarida Lima Rego

Margarida Lima Rego is associate professor and vice-dean at NOVA School of Law. She is vice-coordinator of the School of Law’s FCT PhD Programme in Law, also coordinating the Programme’s English SPEED (Permanent Seminar on the Study and State of the Law). Margarida is coordinator of the Master in Law and Financial Markets, a partnership between the School of Law and NOVA Information Management School. In the current academic year she is in charge of taught courses on the Law of Obligations (1st cycle) and on Insurance Law (2nd cycle). Margarida has obtained her PhD on third party rights in insurance (2009) at NOVA. She also holds an MPhil in Contract Law (Oxford University, 2002) and an MJur in European and Comparative Law (Oxford University, 2000). She graduated in law at the University of Lisbon (1999). She is of counsel at the law firm Morais Leitão, Galvão Teles, Soares da Silva & Associados.

Margarida’s main research interest is the general theory of contract and obligations. Margarida has authored and coauthored numerous papers and book chapters on a wide range of areas within civil and commercial law, her main object of study being the insurance contract. A second area of interest is judicial decision-making or adjudication: the legal process of resolving disputes. Margarida is on the Editorial Board of AIDA Europe’s Research Studies on Insurance Law and Regulation.

Margarida has been a member of the NOVA Doctoral School Committee since May 2012.


Education: • PhD in Private Law (Universidade Nova de Lisboa, 2009) • MPhil in Contract Law (Oxford University, 2002) • MJur in European and Comparative Law (Oxford University, 2000) • Law Degree (Universidade de Lisboa, 1999).

Main Publications: • Contrato de seguro e terceiros. Estudo de direito civil, Coimbra 2010 (PhD thesis); • No right to perform a contract? Almedina 2006 (MPhil thesis); • Translation and introduction to W. N.Hohfeld’s Fundamental legal conceptions as applied in judicial reasoning, F. C. Gulbenkian 2008; • «Contract Law» in Portuguese Law: an Overview, Almedina 2007 (with C. F. Almeida); • Editor and co-author of Temas de direito dos seguros. A propósito da nova lei do contrato de seguro, Almedina 2012; • Member of the organizing committee of Estudos em homenagem a Miguel Galvão Teles, II vols., Almedina 2012. • Author of several papers on a wide range of areas within private law.