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Choosing NOVA

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Why study at NOVA?   

NOVA offers an internationally recognized education, which reflects its commitment to being a civic and global university.   

Based in Lisbon, one of Europe's coolest and safest capitals, NOVA has 9 units and covers the areas of Health, Science and Technology, Economics and Social Sciences and Humanities. It has a total of around 23 thousand students, almost 20% of whom are not Portuguese, thus benefiting from programmes taught in English, some at the undergraduate level, many at the master's level and most at the doctoral level.   

It should also be noted that NOVA has been systematically classified, either in the rankings of the prestigious Times Higher Education or QS, among the 10 best young European universities, in the most different areas of knowledge.      

Besides, NOVA is part of a European alliance of universities - EUTOPIA, the happy acronym of European Universities Transforming to an Open Inclusive Academy - with that common goal of creating an inclusive community, ready to face local and global challenges and with the significant ambition of, in 2030, being a kind of unique university with campuses spread all over Europe.   

More: since last year, NOVA has become the first Portuguese university to open a campus beyond national borders. It is in the region of the new administrative capital of Egypt and is called NOVA Cairo.   

It also needs to be said that, through the Social Welfare Services, NOVA guarantees equal opportunities and well-being to all its students, ensuring other fundamental areas - such as access to scholarships and food - and promoting participation in cultural and sports activities.   

Recognising the best students is also among our good practices - and the proof of this is called NOVA Young Talent Awards (NYTA). This initiative rewards the best students in the 1st year of the Degree and Integrated Masters Courses at NOVA, with a scholarship equal to the amount of the tuition fee. 

All this to underline that there is no lack of reasons to choose NOVA. A university that, in the year that celebrates its 50th anniversary, continues to pursue the same objective established at the beginning: to be an innovative university, always committed to broadening horizons.