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NOVA Forma

According to the Strategic Plan of NOVA University Lisbon and aligned with the purpose of attracting, developing and retaining talent at NOVA, NOVA Forma was created, by NOVA Deans’ Council and validated, on October 18, 2018, by NOVA General Council.

NOVA Forma is a strategic platform comprising three areas - NOVA Doctoral School, NOVA Edu_Digital and NOVA Pedagogical Innovation.

This strategic platform has a central mission: to contribute to the quality of education at NOVA. This can be achieved through the promotion of interdisciplinarity and transversal and complementary training of students (from different study cycles), professors in their different pedagogical roles, researchers and non-academic professionals.

For more information, please contact: nova.inov.ped@unl.pt


Support Staff


NOVA Edu_Digital aims to:

  • Characterize the use of Learning Technologies for training at NOVA (digital environment in the classroom, e-learning and blended learning), as well as Digital Innovation practices;
  • Promote sharing of best practices in the domain of Technology Enhanced Learning;
  • Contribute to Learning Technologies training for faculty and students;
  • Contribute to the creation of educational content in digital format.

NOVA Pedagogical Innovation

NOVA Pedagogical Innovation aims to:

  • Contribute to the professional development of NOVA professors, through pedagogical training in different formats (face-to-face and on-line);
  • Participate in the creation of working groups and / or communities of practices, within the scope of pedagogical training for faculty, in all NOVA schools;
  • Produce pedagogical documentation to support teaching;
  • Collaborate on innovation and pedagogical training projects for professors, both nationally and internationally.

Previous goals are achieved through the following initiatives:

  • Pedagogical Training for Faculty Course
  • Development of Pedagogical Coordination Skills Course
  • Pedagogical Innovation Group (Grupo de Inovação Pedagógica – GIP)
  • NOVA Interobservation Program (Programa de Interobservação da NOVA – PIN)
  • Pedagogical Resources Platform – NOVA Teach


Pedagogical Training for Faculty Course

The Pedagogical Training for Faculty Course’s purpose is to promote:

  • Reflection on Higher Education and, in particular, on the role of teaching at this level of education, in the 21st century;
  • Conceptualization and planning of the pedagogical activity (choice of learning outcomes, alignment of the objectives of a curricular unit with the objectives of the curricular year / course / institution);
  • The selection of the most appropriate pedagogical format for the target audience and the outcomes to be achieved (selection of pedagogical strategies) and the identification of digital tools to be used in the classroom;
  • The selection and production of materials for assessing the pedagogical processes and learning outcomes.

At the end of this course, participants should be able to:

  1. Position their teaching role in the Higher Education system;
  2. Design and plan their pedagogical activities;
  3. Select the pedagogical strategies best suited to the target audience and the outcomes to be achieved.

Throughout the course, each participant will have access to a set of recommended materials, exercises and forums. 
These materials can be read collaboratively, through the Perusall platform, a tool that allows participants to make digital notes in the shared documents and conduct collective discussions. 
This is one of the reasons why we recommend taking the course as a group, although it is possible to participate individually. 
The course lasts for 2h30, in case the participant does not go through all the recommended activities and readings. Otherwise, a detailed analysis of the materials may take a few days. 

Registration for this course is available through the following link:  


When accessing the registration platform, you will have to take the following steps: 

  1. Register. 
  2. After registration, you will access the NOVA Forma Courses page, where you must click on the link "NOVA Pedagogical Innovation Training Courses". 
  3. After clicking on this link, you will find the section "Select the course / event you wish to attend". Here, please choose the Pedagogical Training for Faculty course. 

If you have a problem accessing the course or other questions, please conctact us through  the following email: nova.inov.ped@unl.pt 


Development of Pedagogical Coordination Skills Course

This course aims to capacitate Program Coordinators to perform their roles more effectively. Given that these Coordinators represent an intermediate leadership structure of the different schools, their valorisation constitutes an important asset for the entire University. The course has two main goals:

  • To offer tarining opportunities to develop Cordination Skills;
  • To create a network of coordinators who, in their own schools, will be able to support colleagues in coordination skills development.


For more information, please contact: nova.inov.ped@unl.pt



Pedagogical Innovation Group

The Pedagogical Innovation Group (Grupo de Inovação Pedagógica) consisting of professors from the different NOVA schools / institutes. Its mission is:

  • To hold sessions to share pedagogical practices that contribute to the professional development of faculty, helping professors to improve their pedagogical role.
  • To share resources regarding pedagogical practice.
  • To present and prepare innovative ways of:
  • adjusting scientific content to target audiences, which are less and less homogeneous,
  • using educational technologies,
  • implementing new forms of pedagogical interaction and learning assessment.


NOVA Interobservation Program

PIN, Programa de Interobservação da NOVA (NOVA Interobservation Program), is a project from the Pedagogical Innovation Group which consists of peer-to-peer classes observation.

It is a multidisciplinary, voluntary and confidential program in which observers and observed give and receive feedback on given classes. To this end, trios of Professors from a different scientific fields observe and give feedback on concrete aspects of their peers’ classes.

Previously, participants receive training in observation and feedback techniques.

The goals are strictly formative and are not intended for any kind of evaluation.

This project is open to all NOVA Professors.

For more information on this and other projects of the Pedagogical Skills Development Group, please contact:

Paulo Costa – pcosta@unl.pt/ nova.inov.ped@unl.pt


Pedagogical Resources Platform

NOVA Teach

NOVA Inovação Pedagógica created a digital library to help professors (and students) to find books, articles and videos related to teaching and learning. In the different tabs, there are different topics, namely:

  • Teaching in Higher Education (HE), for example, guidelines, conceptual approaches, etc.
  • Teaching materials, "How to do ..." and other resources
  • Collaborative sharing of resources, for example, real cases, testimonies of experiences and projects.

The link to this platform is:


Note: It is necessary to log in to Microsoft, even with a g-mail or other account. You will receive a message: "We are sorry, but you do not have access." Then, you will have to click on the "request access" button. You only have to go through this procedure once. The next time you enter the platform NOVA Teach, you will have to use the same email to access.



Customized support following specific requests:

  • Support designing and planning the pedagogical activity of NOVA professors;
  • Advice on the most appropriate pedagogical format for the target audience and for the intended outcomes;
  • Recommendation of new distance learning resources and techniques.