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Teacher’s Professional Development

The exercise of the teaching profession in Higher Education requires from the teacher much more than the simple mastery of the scientific contents taught.  

In fact, teaching practice implies a whole set of competencies, generally known as Pedagogical Competencies, which relate, for example, to the ability to adapt scientific content to less and less homogeneous target audiences, to use educational technologies, to use new forms of pedagogical interaction and of learning assessment.

The Professional Development Office for Academic Staff was created in 2016. Its mission is to contribute to the quality of students' learning experiences. 

If you are interested in developing your skills in different domains of the pedagogical activity then the consultation of this site could be of great use to you.

Topics covered:

  • Students’ learning and the different styles and ways of learning;
  • How to plan and prepare your sessions (for example, how to develop and write structured learning objectives);
  • How to select the most appropriate pedagogical format (lectures, practical sessions, face-to-face, distance ...);
  • How to perfect your presentation skills;
  • How to evaluate learning and teaching.