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3 February 2023

Evento ENLIVEN: Online Teaching and Learning Digital World after COVID-19   

Among the solutions presented at the session held at the Rectory of NOVA, there is a platform of tutorials and methods applied to distance learning and other open-access resources  

1 February 2023

In his own words: Hamza Mamuda

Hamza Mamuda is from Nigeria and was studying medicine at the University of Dnipro when the war started

1 February 2023

In her own words: Kanza Shafiq

Kanza Shafiq is from Pakistan and her dream is to become a doctor


1 February 2023

In their own words: Praise Emmanuel

Praise Emmanuel is 20 years old, born in Nigeria and was studying in Kiev when war began

31 January 2023

Applications for the position of Dean of ITQB NOVA are open

The new Dean will be elected for the four-year term 2023-2027.

31 January 2023

Susana Viegas from NOVA FCSH receives the first ERC grant to study the Philosophy of Cinema

The project, which will work in depth the theme of death in cinema, comprises activities for the academic community and also for the general public.

30 January 2023

Prize for Pedagogical Innovation at NOVA to Professor Isabel Catarino

The Professor of the Physics Department of the NOVA School of Science and Technology | FCT NOVA, won the first edition of the Prize for Pedagogical Innovation at NOVA, with the implementation in class of the project "Active Vibrations and Waves" 

27 January 2023

Story in firsthand: Simon Sazonov

In the photos, we see Simon with his family in Ukraine and walking along our coast

27 January 2023

Story in firsthand: Anastasiia Leontieva

In the photos, we see Anastasiia in Kyiv - and in Sintra

27 January 2023

Story in firsthand: Andrii Haran    

In the photos: we see Andrii in Kherson, with the ruins of an old Soviet cinema in the background, and with colleagues from the Department of Civil Engineering of FCT NOVA

27 January 2023

ENLIVEN: Meeting on "Online Teaching and Learning - Digital World after COVID-19 broadcasted via streaming  

The meeting "Online Teaching and Learning - Digital World after COVID-19", held in the scope of the ENLIVEN project, which will take place at the Rectory of NOVA next Tuesday, the 31st, will be broadcasted online. Learn how you can watch  

26 January 2023

SPEAR conference: : Universities as agents of change for Gender Equality

This is the theme of the final conference, at the national level, of the European project SPEAR, which will take place in the Rectory of NOVA, on February 15th.    

26 January 2023

Luís Pereira from FCT NOVA awarded 2nd ERC grant

This is a Proof of Concept grant and the funding will serve to move from theory to practice.

23 January 2023

NOVA recognized as a member of the United Nations Academic Impact

The university has now an added responsibility of deepening the promotion of sustainable development goals through teaching, research and value creation, with the involvement of its entire community.

20 January 2023

NOVA: Forever young

On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, this 2023, NOVA aspires to be like the singer-songwriter and Nobel Prize winner Bob Dylan once immortalized in the song: "forever young"