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22 February 2024

Meet NIMSB - NOVA Institute for Medical Systems Biology support team

A team from NOVA Institute for Medical Systems Biology (NIMSB) is already working at the Rectorate of NOVA University of Lisbon and intends to strengthen the collaboration between all the institution's organic units. NIMSB wants to attract top scientists in the areas of biomedical research and precision medicine.

22 February 2024

Higher Education Assessment and Accreditation Agency visited NOVA as part of the institutional assessment process 

For 3 days, NOVA shared the path it has taken, envisioned the future and received feedback from national and international experts. 

19 February 2024

Welcome new SUPERNOVA students!

The SUPERNOVA Foundation Programme is a unique pre-university programme in Portugal, with an increasing number of candidates from all over the world. 

7 February 2024

#Team NOVA: Diana, Our Young Climate Ambassador 

Since the beginning of the year, Diana Neves, Junior Project Manager supporting the Communication Department and Welfare Services at NOVA University Lisbon, has been one of the chosen ones to give voice to the European Climate Pact, an initiative by the European Commission aimed at engaging people and organizations for a more sustainable Europe. 

6 February 2024

NOVA marks International Day for Women and Girls in Science

"Women in Scientific Leadership: A New Era for Sustainability" is the theme chosen to celebrate the day in 2024. 

5 February 2024

NOVA Climate Journey: here comes the student bootcamp. Find out how to get involved!

If you are a student at NOVA University Lisbon and want to learn more about climate action, develop leadership skills, and explore opportunities to be part of the change, this bootcamp is for you! 

5 February 2024

Innovation for sustainable energy: the WISE programme is now open for applications. Join us! 

It's called WISE (World-Changing Innovations for Sustainable Energies) and it's about to take off. It is a programme that aims to give a powerful boost to five teams of NOVA students who agree to seek innovative answers to the challenges of today's world. 

5 February 2024

EUTOPIA, the alliance of European universities of which NOVA is a member, welcomes two new global partners

With the addition of Arizona State University and the University of Los Andes, there are now six groups of non-European higher education institutions working with the EUTOPIA Alliance.

30 January 2024

XVI NOVA Photo Competition invites students to celebrate freedom. Applications open until 8 April

In the year of the 50th anniversary of 25 April 1974, we invite our student community to reflect on the meaning of freedom and how it manifests itself in the different spheres of life at NOVA.

24 January 2024

NOVA marks International Education Day

The annual celebration of International Education Day on 24 January, as decided by the United Nations (UN) General Assembly in 2019, highlights the fundamental importance of education in promoting peace, social justice and sustainable development. 

24 January 2024

Applications are now open for the SUPERNOVA Summer School! 

A summer course that offers students from all over the world the opportunity to bridge the gap between secondary education and their next step.