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30 January 2024

XVI NOVA Photo Competition invites students to celebrate freedom. Applications open until 8 April

In the year of the 50th anniversary of 25 April 1974, we invite our student community to reflect on the meaning of freedom and how it manifests itself in the different spheres of life at NOVA.

24 January 2024

NOVA marks International Education Day

The annual celebration of International Education Day on 24 January, as decided by the United Nations (UN) General Assembly in 2019, highlights the fundamental importance of education in promoting peace, social justice and sustainable development. 

24 January 2024

Applications are now open for the SUPERNOVA Summer School! 

A summer course that offers students from all over the world the opportunity to bridge the gap between secondary education and their next step. 

22 January 2024

ITQB NOVA wins €8M to prepare to combat the next pandemics 

The European project coordinated by ITQB NOVA will establish a platform to produce antiviral biopharmaceuticals, putting Europe at the forefront of the response to emerging threats. 

22 January 2024

NOVA Interdisciplinary Research Community (NIRC), in Sustainable Energy Systems, launches first joint projects

A project that reinforces NOVA's commitment to meeting the emerging challenges of the issue.

19 January 2024

EUTOPIA_HEALTH: the innovative project of the European University Alliance of which NOVA is a member has been officially launched. 

This is an initiative that aims to improve the academic panorama in health-related fields in the so-called expanding European countries, to reduce disparities in research and value creation.

19 January 2024

Professor Filomeno Fortes re-elected Director of the Institute of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine ((IHMT-NOVA)

The new director took office this Thursday, 18 January, in the Sala Magna of the Institute in Lisbon.

18 January 2024

EUTOPIA Talks debut at NOVA Cairo: three talks are already scheduled with researchers from the alliance of European universities to which NOVA belongs. 

The NOVA campus in the Egyptian capital, the first of a Portuguese university outside the national territory, will host a series of lectures throughout 2024 with top researchers from the various partners of EUTOPIA, the alliance of European universities to which NOVA belongs. 

17 January 2024

NOVA receives two more grants from the European Research Council (ERC) in the field of life sciences 

Proof of Concept grants are exclusively awarded to Principal Investigators who have previously received ERC funding. 

17 January 2024

Society and Territory Conference - Collaborative Dynamics for Sustainable Innovation "It is through the transformation of cities that most of today's problems will be solved"  

The first major conference of the year at NOVA was dedicated to how the university can contribute to supporting and finding solutions that respond in a sustainable way to the problems of the community in which it operates. Matching single people with students looking for accommodation, to be implemented next academic year, is one of the proposals. But it's not the only one.  

11 January 2024

NOVA technology for cancer treatment licensed to BioNTech

The agreement, announced this week by Portuguese biotech company CellmAbs, a spin-off of NOVA University Lisbon, includes patented technology originating from NOVA's Faculty of Science and Technology (NOVA FCT) and developed in collaboration with the Portuguese Institute of Oncology of Porto (IPO) and the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR) in Germany.