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Nicoletta Rosati

Nicoletta Rosati

Nicoletta Rosati  holds a BSc in Statistical and Demographic Sciences from University of Padova (Italy), an MSc in Economics from University College London (UK), and a PhD in Statistics Applied to Economic and Social Sciences from University of Padova (Italy).

Currently Lecturer in Statistics at the Lisbon School of Economics and Management - University of Lisbon, with expertise in Applied Statistics and Econometrics, responsible for courses in Statistics and Probability for undergraduate, Msc and PhD programmes.

Supervisor of several Msc and PhD theses in applied econometrics.

Author and co-author of various research papers published in international peer-reviewed journals, and presented regularly at national and international statistics and econometric conferences. Nicoletta is also a Researcher and Member of the Managing Board of CEMAPRE research center (Centre for Applied Mathematics and Economics), where she develops projects in diverse areas, including economics, finance, health economics, and medical statistics.

Involved in several external projects and statistics and econometrics training, in co-operation with industry (Amgen, Cambridge, UK), consultancies (Prometeia Calcolo, Cognos International, Akademie International, Timberlake Consultants), and institutions (ANACOM, Bank of Italy, Italian National Bureau of Statistics, Department of Medicine - UCL, Department of Medicine - Univ. of Padova, Department of Statistics - Univ. of Padova).