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ODS 5 - Igualdade de Género

ODS 5 - Igualdade de Género

Nova University Lisbon actively contributes to tackle the SDG 5. Its commitment is reflected in a written policy for gender equality and in the Teaching and Research Policy. Some of our Academic Units integrate childcare facilities. NOVA integrates an European consortium to supporting and implementing plans for gender equality in academia and research.

- Childcare facilities: ITQB NOVA | FCT NOVA

- Políticas:

- Política de Ensino e Investigação
- Política de Igualdade de Género



  • NOVA integrates the European project SPEAR -  Supporting and Implementing Plans for Gender Equality in Academia and Research. The aim of the project is to develop institutional changes to increase women's participation in Research and Innovation and to improve their career prospects. The main objectives of the study are to carry out impact assessments/audits of procedures and practices to identify gender inequalities, identify and implement innovative strategies to correct any type of discrimination, and set goals and monitor progress through indicators.
  • The National National Observatory for Violence and Gender was founded in 2008. Supported by strong research in this field, it actively contributes to understand the different social dimensions of violence, in particular against women, and to influence national and international policies. 
  • According to the Leiden ranking 2019, which includes a criterion that analyses the authorship of scientific articles from the gender perspective, NOVA leads in Portugal with the highest proportion of publications authored by female researchers (50,6%), occupying the 6th and 9th places at European an global levels, respectively.



As 9 Unidades Orgânicas da NOVA desenvolvem programas e iniciativas com impacto direto na nossa comunidade. Contate-nos, participe!

Descrição Calendário | Unidade Orgânicat

NOVA Women in Business

Nova Women in Business is an academic club based at Nova School of Business and Economics, that targets the existing gender gap in our society, specifically focusing on the business and academic world. 

Permanent | Nova SBE

Gender Equality and Mobility: Challenges and Opportunities in Lusophony


2019 | NOVA School of Law

Cycle on Gender

The links between cinema, literature, fine arts and sexuality, or What does History can tell us about masculinity and feminism are issues on the table in the Questões de Género (Gender Issues) cycle.

2019 | NOVA FCSH

Women in Mathematics Meeting

The conference aims to cover, as broadly as possible, the diversity of interests of portuguese women mathematicians. 

2019 | FCT NOVA

“Engenheiras por um Dia” Project

Promote gender equality in professional areas linked to engineering and technology.

2019 | FCT NOVA


A NOVA contribui significativamente para a investigação nas áreas ligadas ao ODS 5. Conheça alguns exemplos de publicações específicas:



A Universidade NOVA de Lisboa tem uma oferta educativa ligada aos ODS que se distingue pela sua qualidade e variedade. Estimula a integração da interdisciplinaridade e sustentabilidade em todos os ciclos de estudos e programas educativos.



ODS5 - Igualdade de Género

Mestrado em Estudos sobre as Mulheres. As Mulheres na Sociedade e na Cultura (NOVA FCSH)

Doutoramento em Estudos de Género (NOVA FCSH, NOVA Direito)



Contribuição para o ODS 5 em 2019:

% de mulheres que iniciaram um primeiro grau académico


% de mulheres de 1ª geração que iniciaram um primeiro grau académico


% de mulheres entre os investigadores séniores


% de mulheres graduadas


   - % de mulheres graduadas: STEM 42%
   - % de mulheres graduadas: Medicina 71%
   - % de mulheres graduadas: Artes & Humanidades / Ciências Sociais 58%