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Droplet Runners have won INNOFEST 2018 competition

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As part of the INNOFEST 2018 competition on innovative and creative ideas associated with intelligent printed electronics, organized at European level by VTT's PrintoCent, Oulu, Finland (http://www.printocent.net/tapahtumat/printocent-innofest-2018/) and open to researchers, technologists and innovators, from universities, research institutes, industry and SMEs, we are pleased to note that a team consisting of PhD students trained in Materials Engineering (Cristina Gaspar and Joana Figueira) and Micro and Nanotechnology Engineering (Beatriz Coelho), associated to the Department of Materials Sciences who carry out research activity at CENIMAT / CEMOP have ranked first place, attesting to the international quality of training given at the Caparica Campus of NOVA. Congratulations!

It should be noted that the participation and travel of the students was supported by the Materials Synergy Integration for a Better Europe (BET-EU) project, coordinated by Uninova, under the responsibility of R. Martins.