pixel Evento ENLIVEN: Online Teaching and Learning Digital World after COVID-19    | Universidade NOVA de Lisboa

Evento ENLIVEN: Online Teaching and Learning Digital World after COVID-19   

Among the solutions presented at the session held at the Rectory of NOVA, there is a platform of tutorials and methods applied to distance learning and other open-access resources  

NOVA University Lisbon hosted the meeting "Online Teaching and Learning Digital World after COVID-19", in the scope of the ENLIVEN project (Enhanced Learning and Teaching in International Virtual Environments), financed by the Erasmus+ programme.   

In-person and by streaming - and now available on ENLIVEN's Youtube channel - the event was attended by more than 80 national and international participants.  

After the opening session, led by the Vice-Rector of NOVA João Amaro de Matos, who coordinates the area of Teaching and International Development, a brief presentation on teaching in the post-pandemic context followed by the results of the ENLIVEN project.   

Among the solutions, the highlights go to the Survival Kit, a platform of tutorials on tools and methods applied in distance learning, and other open-access educational resources; a whole set of possibilities that support e-Learning processes, Blended Learning and Blended Mobility programmes.   

The meeting also allowed us to reinforce the importance of the project in the current moment, when technology is more and more at the service of learning, and to encourage the collaboration of the academic community in digital and pedagogical empowerment projects.   

NOVA fosters these events as part of its integration into several programmes at a European level, in order to encourage research and dialogue between academics.