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NOVA celebrates International Women’s Day 

"Investing in women: accelerating progress" is this year's theme, which aims to highlight the difficulty of meeting the challenges of the 2030 Agenda given the lack of funding for measures to promote gender equality. 

International Women's Day has been observed by the United Nations (UN) General Assembly since 1977. Despite the advances made in women's formal rights over the years, de facto equality between men and women is still not a reality, and it is essential to accelerate the achievement of that goal.    

“Universities can and should play an important role in accelerating gender equality – either by offering courses that address gender issues, by stimulating the participation and visibility of women in areas where they are traditionally underrepresented, such as STEM areas, or by promoting a work environment that allows for a balance between professional and personal life. NOVA, in particular, is a pioneer in Portugal in the inclusion of Women’s, Gender, and Feminist Studies in academic curricula and on research in this area, having adopted a Gender Equality Plan with concrete measures to promote parity between women and men", highlights Isabel L. Nunes, Vice Rector of NOVA University Lisbon. 


NOVA University joins the global celebrations in support of women with various activities that honour their achievements and raise awareness against discrimination. 

  • March 7 at NOVA School of Law

Round table "What does it mean to be a Woman in Law?"


  • March 8 at Nova SBE

Session on gender equality at the Teresa and Alexandre Soares dos Santos Library, facilitated by Professor Daniela Schmidt, based on the reading of an excerpt from the book "Invisible Women", by Carolina Perez.  

Inauguration of the Exhibition "A Normal Day No More", in collaboration with APAV-Portuguese Association for Victim Support, focused on sexual violence and harassment against women.  

Mural painting alluding to International Women's Day in a building near the Nova SBE campus, by artist Jacqueline Montaigne

Round table "Mind the (Gender) Gap" at the Haddad Institute, followed by a workshop to draw up a commitment to gender equality.  


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