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NOVA marks Zero Discrimination Day

The annual celebration of Zero Discrimination Day on 1 March, promoted by the United Nations (UN), aims to end all forms of inequality and discrimination by raising awareness of respect for all people, regardless of their sex, gender, religion, sexual orientation, sickness, colour, disability, profession, ethnicity, and/or nationality. gender, religion, sexual orientation, colour, disease, disability, occupation, ethnicity, and/or nationality. 

According to the UN, "surprisingly, discrimination often arises from fear or misinformation and resistance to the unknown". NOVA, an example of cultural diversity with a student community representing 123 nationalities, joins this important celebration

"NOVA is committed to preventing, identifying and mitigating all situations of prejudice, injustice or exclusion, as part of its policy of zero tolerance towards discrimination, and has created a reporting portal to support the implementation of this policy," says João Sàágua, Rector of NOVA University Lisbon. 

To mark the occasion, the NOVA Rectory Auditorium (Campolide) will host the show "Toi, Moi, Tituba..." at 7:30 pm, a performance by the artist Dorothée Munyaneza in dialogue with the musician Khyam Allami, who will address the issue of memory and cultural heritage, starting with the trial of a black witch in Salem in the 17th century. 

Free tickets for the NOVA community, book at cultura@unl.pt, and for the general public at Ticketline


NOVA is also one of the latest signatories of the Portuguese Charter for Diversity

This is an initiative of the European Commission to promote the recognition and understanding of diversity in the workplace and in society and is a voluntary instrument that expresses the commitment of organisations to the fight against inequality and discrimination. 

Other measures already implemented by NOVA to highlight the appreciation of differences and promote equal opportunities for all people:  

Policy for Gender Equality, Equal Opportunities and Diversity at NOVA University Lisbon

NOVA Gender Equality Plan 2021-2025 (GEP) 

EUTOPIA Inclusion Manifesto