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NOVA 4 the Globe

NOVA 4 the Globe


NOVA 4 The Globe is the interdisciplinary platform that promotes dialogue and collaboration within the NOVA Community across the different areas of knowledge that contribute to sustainability, in the area of teaching, research, value creation and infrastructures and services.

Its MISSION is to promote the interdisciplinary collaboration between the several Organic Units of NOVA and its Research Units focused on the Sustainable Development Goals, the European Green Deal and the Paris Agreement.

Its AIM is to be, at national level, the leading university in the commitment towards sustainable development, and to integrate a set of European university networks and global partnerships that develop interdisciplinary research with high social, environmental and economic impact.

NOVA 4 the Globe is coordinated by the Pro-Rector Professor Júlia Seixas and operationalized through two councils, with representatives from all Organic Units: the Academic Council, focusing on scientific and academic practice; and the Operational Council, focusing on institutional practice through specific policies and initiatives.

To know about the activities developed at NOVA in the scope of sustainability and promoted by NOVA 4 The Globe visit the dedicated website., NOVA Sustainability.