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NOVAhealth Conferences

Tematic meeting dedicated to a specific topic in the healthcare sector which involves the dissemination of scientific studies developed at NOVA. 

V Jornadas Científicas NOVAsaúde – December 13, 2018
IV Jornadas Científicas NOVAsaúde – November 7, 2017
III Jornadas Científicas NOVAsaúde – November 10, 2016
II Jornadas Científicas NOVAsaúde – November 9, 2015
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​I Jornadas Científicas NOVAsaúde – November 3, 2014

AreMed Project - Emerging areas in medical education: NOVA Case Study

Universities have a duty to be ahead of time in thinking about what will be relevant in terms of education. On January 16, 2017, NOVA University of Lisbon launched the discussion on "The next generation of health professionals", in a session of NOVAsaúde Meetings, a joint initiative of Professor Pedro Pita Barros and Professor António Rendas, to date Vice-Rector and Rector respectively.

This session was intended to bring to NOVA the discussion on strengthening research in the field of health that is being carried out at European level (European Commission's Scientific Panel for Health).
NOVA's scientific competencies in healthcare range from biomedical research to health policies through technologies and clinical research, but this session focused mainly on the medical profession, which is present at the New University of Lisbon at the level of the degree and integrated master's degree (Session report)  

In addition to strengthening research, it was also assumed that medical professionals would have to develop new skills, relate to new health professions, and occupational careers shared between different institutions (eg research, healthcare provider, industry, etc.).

The unique characteristics of research and training in the health area of NOVA give greater responsibility in anticipating the education needs of health professionals, particularly physicians.

In this sense, the platform NOVAsaúde articulated a workforce for the production of recommendations, currently led by the current Vice-Rector, Professor Doctor José Fragata. The workforce is comprised of an executive group of researchers and an advisory group that brings together representatives from all areas of NOVA's health research and training as well as representatives from health care organizations. The initial research question of the study intends to identify which are the relevant and emerging areas in medical education.

Health Parliament

Deputies of Health Parliament Portugal remain active. On January 16, 2018, the parliamentarians who worked on the axis of scientific deepening were assembled and coordinated by the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, under the leadership of Professor António Rendas.
During the meeting, the first one within this line of work and which took place in the NOVA Senate room, participants had the opportunity to discuss the recommendations that, from a scientific point of view, should be further elaborated.
This strand of research and production of knowledge is another step that will contribute to national health.


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