Mission and Strategic Plan


The mission of NOVA, as a university institution that wishes to be a reference, is broken down as follows:

  • Competitive research at international level, specialising in interdisciplinary areas, including research aimed at resolution of the problems that affect society;
  • Teaching of excellence, with a growing emphasis in the second and third cycles, but based on solid primary cycle levels, through competitive academic programmes at national and international level, praising merit as the essential measure of assessment;
  • A broader base of interinstitutional participation, geared towards integration of the various scientific cultures, with a view to creating innovative synergies for teaching and for research;
  • The provision of quality services, both nationally and internationally, capable of  making  a  relevant  contribution  to  social  development  and  to  qualification  of human resources, giving particular attention to the countries where Portuguese is spoken.

Strategic Plan

Developed by the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, the Strategic Plan (2012-2016) has become a valuable tool to support the University's management keeping it continuously focused on the identified strategic areas.

Strategic Plan