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Collaborative Laboratories

NOVA University Lisbon has embraced the governmental initiative to create Collaborative Laboratories (CoLABs), structures that join companies, universities, technological centres, and other institutions to implement research and innovation agendas aligned with market and societal demands, promoting the creation of highly qualified jobs.

NOVA currently participates in nine CoLABs, coordinating two of them (VOH.COLAB and InnovPlantProtect). These CoLABs are actively working to find practical, innovative and sustainable solutions in areas as diverse as agriculture, cybersecurity, food, health, sustainability, environment, circular economy and biorefineries.

Here is a list of all the CoLABs with NOVA’s participation:

  • InnovPlantProtect – Innovative Bio-Based Solutions for Crop Protection 
  • Value for Health CoLAB –  Value-Based Healthcare CoLAB
  • eCoLAB – Collaborative Laboratory for the Circular Economy
  • VORTEX – CoLAB in cyber-physical and cyber security systems
  • CoLAB4Food – Collaborative Laboratory for Innovation in the Food Industry
  • ALMASCIENCE – Cellulose for Sustainable Smart Applications
  • SFCOLAB –  SmartFarm CoLAB
  • NET4CO2 – Network for a Sustainable CO2 Economy
  • BIOREF - Research & Innovation on Biorefineries
  • HyLAB