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NOVA provides multidisciplinary training in entrepreneurship, through programmes such as the Starters Academy aimed at Undergraduate and Master's students, Sciencepreneur, designed for researchers, professors and doctoral students, and Blues, open to the community in general - and stimulates its community to participate in idea competitions such as the NOVA Idea Competition, Stage Two or NOVA ImpACT Challenges.

Taking part in an entrepreneurship course or in an ideas competition can be an excellent way to acquire new skills, to meet mentors and other experts who can help in the development of an entrepreneurial project.

NOVA is committed to encouraging the creation of new spin-off companies born from the knowledge generated at the University. Companies formally recognized with the NOVA Spin-off seal have access to a set of benefits, ranging from exclusive and royalty-free licensing to the technology commercialization phase, duly authorized time allocation for professors or researchers who are also promoters of NOVA spin-offs to support the commercial development of the project, as well as easy access to space or advanced equipment available at the University.

Other support and activities include the creation of new businesses and companies, through partnerships that provide easy access to a wide range of services and support necessary for the development of projects and business ideas. This is the case of Plugged In NOVA and NOVA Mentor Network, the latter brings together around 30 specialists from different areas of knowledge, including entrepreneurs, consultants and venture capital investors.

Access to specialized units to support knowledge and technology transfer activities demonstrates the University's commitment to boosting activities related to innovation and entrepreneurship in its community.