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Value Creation

Innovation and entrepreneurship are part of NOVA’s culture, being widely promoted within the University’s ecosystem as a way of fostering knowledge transfer and transforming research results into social and economic value.

NOVA focuses particularly on promoting a knowledge-based and high-impact value creation activity, through collaborations with industry and society.

Value Creation Council

The Value Creation Council was created in order to ensure the involvement of all the schools that form the University and the existence of real multidisciplinary work. This body's mission is to promote reflection and contribute to the definition of strategic lines related to the implementation, analysis and consolidation of a policy for the socioeconomic valorisation of knowledge and connection to companies and society.


NOVA IMPACT's main mission is to support and promote the development of the University's innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, promoting the transfer of knowledge, the creation of social and economic value and the strengthening of the connection to companies and society. This office works with the community of students, teachers and researchers at the university to maximize the impact of knowledge and help transform innovative results into socio-economic value.

NOVA IMPACT guarantees:

  • promotion of scientific and technological based entrepreneurship;
  • management of the University's intellectual property, in conjunction with the Organic Units;
  • technology transfer and knowledge valorisation activities;
  • promotion of multidisciplinary programs to foster the entrepreneurial spirit, with the involvement of the various Organic Units;
  • support to Organic Units in their activities to promote entrepreneurship, technology transfer and innovation;
  • support for the establishment of protocols and collaborative projects with companies and other entities in the economic and social sector.


E-mail: novaimpact@unl.pt; novaempreendedorismo@unl.pt
Tel: +351 213 845 200