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The Social Welfare Services (SASNOVA) have three residence halls with a total of 460 beds for the university students, with priority given to Portuguese scholarship students and foreign students in exchange programs.

Residence halls

Residência Universitária Alfredo de Sousa

Residência Universitária Fraústo da Silva

Residência Universitária do Lumiar

Types of accommodation

Term time accommodation – NOVA

Term time accommodation refers to the accommodation for students (first to third cycles), researchers and faculty of NOVA during the university´s academic year (from mid-September to mid-July). The priority in providing accommodation is given to SASNOVA scholarship students and to foreign students in exchange programs (Erasmus). Only after the accommodation for this students is guaranteed, another phase can be opened for the other students of SASNOVA.

The access to accommodation during this period is subject to an application process. Students who are applying to scholarships at Direção Geral do Ensino Superior (DGES) should also apply, at the same time, for accommodation.

Temporary accommodation – visitors

Temporary accommodation refers to short stays for individuals outside NOVA (resident´s family, congress participants, or others) depending on the availability or stays during the non-academic period (from mid-July to mid-September) known as Summer Accommodation.