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Climate change impact on public health


Carla Sousa (IHMT NOVA) and Susana Viegas (ENSP NOVA)


The identification of climate change as responsible for several risk factors for human health has been widely accepted by the scientific community. Its effects can be direct (due to heat waves, floods, among others) and indirect (which can result from changes in food security and safety and/or increased use of chemical substances, among others).

In order to contribute to minimize the impact of climate change on the health of the populations, this working group aims to:
- Promote synergies with the various national and international stakeholders that play a relevant role in the advance of scientific and technical knowledge in the areas of mitigation and adaptation to climate change;
- Prepare and submit research projects that contribute to a greater capacity of the country to anticipate and respond to the climate change scenario;
- Promote interdisciplinary research aimed at preventing and minimizing the impact of climate change on human health;
- Respond to the problems that climate change poses to public and occupational health services.


António Tavares
Environmental Epidemiology and Health Planning 

Carla Martins
Food toxicology; Human Biomonitoring; Risk assessment; Public Health

Carla Sousa

Carla Viegas    
Centro de Investigação em Saúde e Tecnologia (H&TRC) 
Environmental and occupational microbiology 

Francisco Ferreira    
CENSEAir quality; Greenhouse gas emissions mitigation

José António Tenedório

M. Margarida Oliveira and  Nelson J.M. Saibo
ITQB NOVA and GREEN-IT "Bioresources for Sustainability"
Shaping plant development - mechanisms and pathways, Plant stress sensing, response & management, Healthier soils for food security & quality, Germplasm diversity, selection & breeding

Marco Painho

Ricardo Manuel Abreu de Assunção    
Climate change; Climate change impact on the risk associated to foods; sustainable diets.

Susana Viegas    
Environmental Health; Environmental and Occupational Toxicology; Human Exposure assessment; Risk Assessment