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The core product of SeaBookings is an online platform which aggregates the major and best maritime activities such that tourists can compare different services and directly buy discounted tickets. Specific maritime touristic activities will be covered, such as boat tours, diving, snorkeling, surf, kayak tours and other water sports. SeaBookings focuses on an untapped niche in the young online travel market–maritime tourism. SeaBookings provides a system and platform to address this two-sided unmet need for: Maritime tour operators - an online integrated booking system and an extra distribution channel (online);Tourists - an aggregated platform where the major and best maritime tours / activities can easily be compared, selected and bought with discounts. In addition to solving the unmet need mentioned above, the platform has also a social value given that, according to the European Commission, maritime tourism has an enormous capacity to contribute to Europe's emergence from the economic crisis. However, a lack of new, innovative concepts keeps Europe from harvesting the full potential for growth of this important sector. SeaBookings is the new, innovative concept that this sector needs.