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Volunteer at NOVA

NOVA is committed to the social responsibility of its academic community, organizing and supporting actions of social and community interest. Throughout the year, through its schools, the University promotes various volunteering activities in order to respond to the needs that continually emerge from our society. From curricular volunteer work, to activities in articulation with Social Solidarity Institutions and NGOs, NOVA offers volunteering opportunities, involving students, teachers and staff.

Ser voluntário na NOVA

There are many ways to volunteer at NOVA:

  • Support the collection of funds / goods or the dissemination of the activity of NGOs and IPSS's
  • Participate in occasional support activities for the homeless
  • Be a reading volunteer, tutor young people from institutions of social solidarity or students with learning difficulties
  • Sponsoring community intervention projects to combat the social isolation of the elderly, collaborating with Day Centers or through the promotion of intergenerational housing
  • Collaborate with animal defense and support groups and associations
  • Promote training actions and lectures in the field of environmental education and ecological responsibility
  • Organize health promotion education projects

Each school organizes activities and projects that can involve the entire organization or be the initiative of a single department. To know more, contact the NOVA schools.