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NOVA challenges its researchers to communicate the impact of their research projects through the writing of impact narratives, including webinars and supporting material on the different types of Research impact. The deadline for applications, initially indicated as 9 June has been extended to 19 June.

Scientific research, whether fundamental or applied, is one of the fundamental pillars of NOVA University Lisbon, with a potential impact on all aspects of society, at academic, social, environmental, cultural and economic levels.  

More and more, decisions, whether in a political, business or even individual context, are based on science, which requires Universities to prepare and encourage researchers to communicate the impact of their research in a language that is clear and accessible to all.  

Research and Innovation Funding agencies, both national and European, have been placing increasing emphasis on the importance of research impact. At the European level, there is also a clear stimulus for the adoption of assessment methodologies that are simultaneously more qualitative, robust and integrated, as exemplified by CoARA - Coalition for Advancing Research Assessment, of which NOVA is an initial signatory.  

Considering the transformative potential of scientific research it is extremely important that the impact arising from research activities is properly communicated and understood by society.  

The Research Impact Narratives Challenge aims to distinguish research narratives, with a focus on impact, to be developed by all teachers and researchers affiliated with any of the Academic Units of NOVA University Lisbon. 

Check the Regulation and submit your application by 19 June, 2023


Research Impact Narratives Challenge Regulation

Application Form and Deadline

Please submit your application through this form until 19 June, 2023

To help with the writing download here the editable version of the form.

Support material and Workshops

NOVA has prepared support material to provide researchers with resources to facilitate the understanding of the impact of their research.

NOVA will also deliver two workshops to help researchers evidence their research impact and write their impact narrative, with two international specialists in the field:

3 May - 5 pm | Online | “Introduction to Research Impact” | Speaker:  Rebecca Blease

In this first webinar, there will be a simple explanation of what research impact means based on the REF definition, versions of which are widely used around the world. Referencing the Horizon Europe definition of impact and providing examples from the UK REF database to illustrate the meaning.

Duration: One hour

Register here. - Registrations until 1 pm on 3 May

5 May - 5 pm| Online | “How to Write an Impact Narrative | Speaker: Saskia Walcott

In the second webinar will be on why narrative is a useful tool to evidence impact. It will cover best practice drawing on examples from the UK (referencing the examples from the first lecture in more detail), relating it to the competition template to align with the task being set.

Duration: One hour

Register here. - Registrations until 1 pm on 5 May


Please contact nova.research@unl.pt for other questions or clarifications.