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Applications are now open for the second edition of the "Research Impact Narratives" Challenge.

For the second time, NOVA is inviting its researchers to communicate the impact of their research projects through a narrative writing contest.

The first edition, launched in 2023, saw submissions from various scientific fields, coming from 8 of NOVA's Academic Units and related to about half of the University's Research Units, involving 224 professors and researchers. Six winners were chosen, and five honourable mentions were awarded. The 11 best narratives are available for consultation in NOVA Science Magazine 2023.

Applications for the second edition of this Challenge are now open and will close on June 7, 2024.

To help researchers understand the importance of impact in research, a specialized webinar, "Research impact: why it matters to you," will be held on May 14. Besides this webinar, NOVA provides supporting material to its researchers to facilitate understanding of research impact.


Scientific research, whether fundamental or applied, is one of the key pillars of the NOVA University Lisbon, with the potential to impact all aspects of society, including academic, social, environmental, cultural, or economic aspects.

Increasingly, decisions in political, business, or even individual contexts are based on the best available science, which requires universities to prepare and encourage researchers to communicate the impact of their research in clear and accessible language.

National and European research and innovation funding agencies have placed an increasing emphasis on the importance of research impact. At the European level, there is a clear drive toward adopting more qualitative, robust, and integrated assessment methodologies, exemplified by CoARA - Coalition for Advancing Research Assessment, of which NOVA is an initial signatory.

Given this transformational potential of scientific research, it is extremely important that its resulting impact is properly communicated and understood by society.

The goal of this second edition of the ‘Research Impact Narratives Challenge’ is, once again, to give all NOVA faculty and researchers the opportunity to write narratives that communicate the real impact of their research and its direct consequences for society in a way that everyone can understand.


The five best narratives will be awarded by category of impact through a pecuniary prize of €2,000 each, among other distinctions listed in the Challenge Regulation.

The main impact categories in the contest are as follows:

  1. Social Impact
  2. Economic and/or Technological Impact
  3. Public Policy Impact
  4. Environmental Impact
  5. Other types of impact (e.g., Cultural, Academic, or in the Health sector)

Check the Research Impact Narratives Challenge Regulation


All faculty and researchers affiliated with any of NOVA's Academic Units, regardless of their area or discipline, can participate in the second edition of the ‘Research Impact Narratives Challenge’.

All projects or scientific-based initiatives with significant impact are eligible, provided they meet the admission conditions described in the Challenge Regulation..


The application period runs from April 24 to June 7, 2024. Applications must be made electronically via this form.

To assist with writing, download an editable version of the form here.


As part of the second edition of the ‘Research Impact Narratives Challenge’, NOVA provides researchers with resources that help to understand the impact in research.

Research Impact Narratives Support Material

In addition to this support material, NOVA will host one webinar with an international expert on research impact to help researchers understand why research impact is important:

May 14 – 17:00-18:15 | Online | "Research Impact: why it matters to you?"

Presenter: Jonathan Grant

This webinar will explore the history of research impact, look at how impact is assessed, draw lessons from such assessments and provide valuable tips on how to  write a research impact narrative, as well as offering practical advice on securing research impact.

Duration: 1 hour

Register here. Registrations deadline extended to May 13th at 2:00 pm (limited spots).


For any questions or clarifications, contact nova.research@unl.pt .