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Mobilities for Students

Students from NOVA can apply for an international mobility through different modalities. These mobilities may be sustained on General Protocols Agreement/Addenda signed between NOVA and other Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) or on the Erasmus+ Interinstitutional Agreements signed with European HEIs. 

In both cases, the student must consult the MAP of NOVA in the World and check the list of countries and HEIs.

International Cooperation

For mobilities under the General Cooperation Protocols / Addenda and others mobilities through the Erasmus Agreements, student should consult the MAP of NOVA in the World to identify the countries and Partner HEI’s where there is cooperation.

For mobilities within the framework of Cooperation Protocols, the student should verify in advance if any academic cooperation is planned between his / her Academic Unit and the Partner HEI of interest. If the cooperation is active, the student should contact the Mobility Office of his/her Academic Unit to submit the application and implement the mobility.

Erasmus+ Inter-Institutional Agreements

The Students may carry out their mobilities at one of the Partner HEI in Europe under the Inter-institutional Agreements signed with NOVA in two different modalities: Mobility for Studies (SMS) and Traineeship Mobilities (SMT). The Internship mobilities could be performed for up to 12 months after the end of one of the cycle of studies (1st, 2nd or 3rd cycle).

Further information regarding the Mobilities for Studies/Training under the Erasmus + Programme could be found here.

Mobilities Outside Europe

Students currently enrolled at NOVA may also apply under the International Credit Mobility Erasmus+ Programme (ICM). The main objective of the Program is the development of academic cooperation between European HEIs and non-European HEIs. Through the ICM, students could apply for studies mobility of one semester in a HEI of a Partner Country and vice versa.

Currently, NOVA is coordinating the following ICM projects:

Further information regarding the mobilities for studies under the ICM Project could be found here.