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NOVA SIMAQ is NOVA's Internal Quality Monitoring and Evaluation System. It is aligned with the University's Strategic Plan, covering all its activities and ensuring the involvement of all stakeholders (internal and external). It aims at the continuous improvement of NOVA's Quality, responding to the legal requirement of implementing its own Quality assurance systems.

NOVA SIMAQ is structured along five core domains: Teaching-Learning, Research and Development, Value Creation, Internationalization, and Interinstitutional and Community Collaboration, the latter two being transversal to the others. The support areas for these domains correspond to Human Resources, Material Resources and Services, Social Welfare Services, Information Management and Information Publicity, as shown in the following figure.



NOVA SIMAQ follows the PDCA (Plan, Do, Check and Act) management cycle approach during which evidence of the system's effectiveness is produced, as shown in the following figure.

(UU = University Unit)

To support the operationalization of the PDCA management cycle, the NOVA SIMAQ Portal, was created as a digital infrastructure that, being a repository of information related to NOVA's Quality System, constitutes one of the basic elements of NOVA SIMAQ, and contributes significantly to the consolidation of a true culture of Quality at NOVA. The Portal aims to provide:

  • NOVA Quality Manual - in public access mode;
  • Documentary Repository - supports the implementation of the PDCA management cycle, through the compilation of guiding documents (e.g. procedures, orders) and the registration and aggregation, by UU, of evidence demonstrating the effectiveness of NOVA SIMAQ;
  • Dynamic information presentation dashboards - on how NOVA complies with each of the thirteen benchmarks for internal Quality Assurance systems, defined by A3ES, in accordance with NOVA's Quality Policy. The platform, built on Power BI, is linked to the Documentary Repository and presents in detail, and for each of the UUs, the guiding documents and examples of evidence of the system's effectiveness;
  • Dynamic display dashboards for NOVA SIMAQ's Monitoring KPIs, which will show the values of the different KPIs to be produced, supporting the definition of improvement strategies to be implemented (under development).

Access to the documentary repository and dashboards is restricted to the Institution, while the Regulatory Entities are able to access them with their own credentials, assigned within the scope of the audit processes.