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Public Procurement

Invitation Announcement - Acquisition under Decree-Law n.º 60/2018, of 3 de August

Reference (indicate in the proposal): 01/DL60/2021/UNL

Contracting Authority: NOVA University Lisbon PT501559094

Project: DIGISMART – “Multifunctional Digital Materials Platform for Smart Integrated Applications” reference ERC-2017-ADG-787410

Publication Date: 22/06/2021

Proposal Deadline: 3 business days after the publication date

Subject of the contract: Service Provision Contract

Technical Characteristics: Carrying out works on the synthesis and characterization of metallic nanoparticles to be incorporated in multifunctional devices, namely optimization of electrical contacts for memories and electrochromic cells.

Selection criteria: Lowest price criteria

Tiebreaker criteria: Experience in characterization of nanoparticles.

Base Price (VAT not included)6 627,84€              

Payment Conditions: Payment 15 days after invoice issue date.

Send proposals to: cenimat.projetos@fct.unl.pt e cenimat.gestao@fct.unl.pt

Person in charge of proposals analysis: Professor Elvira Fortunato

Contract manager: Professor Elvira Fortunato

Prior hearing: 3 business days from the date of notification of award proposal

Annex:  N/A


Contratação Pública ao abrigo do Decreto-lei 60/2018, de 3 de agosto

Public Procurement in the scope of Decree-Law n.º 60/2018, de 3 de agosto

Ref.ª:  01/DL60-2018/UNL

Contracting Authority: Universidade NOVA de Lisboa

Publication Date: 11-11-2019

Proposal deadline: 2 business days after the publication date

Subject of the contract: Dissemination for npj 2D Materials na Aplications

Technical characteristics: Publication and dissemination of scientific papers under the DIGISMART project.

Awarding criterion: 

i) – Specificity and scientific area of the magazine – 30%;

ii) – Impact factor – 30%;

iii) – Price – 40%.

Base price:     140.000,00 € (without VAT)

Payment conditions: 100%, after invoice is sent.

Send proposals to: reitoria@unl.pt

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