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ADN Award

The Acting Differently at NOVA (ADN) Award aims to stimulate innovation at NOVA University Lisbon and recognise good practices already implemented. The 1st edition of the ADN Award took place in 2023 and applications for the 2nd edition are open from 3 January to 29 February 2024.

Applications until February 29th 2024

Who can apply?  

Projects developed by teams made up of technical, administrative and management staff working at NOVA University Lisbon are eligible for the ADN Award, without prejudice to the possibility of including other members who have contributed to the project.

How can I make my application?  

Applications should be submitted via GESDOC - GESDOC, Sistema de Gestão Documental da NOVA - NOVA's Document Management System.

Prize Value

Up to three cash prizes may be awarded to the projects that stand out most overall in each edition of the ADN Award, to the value of €2,500.00 (two thousand five hundred euros) for each project. Up to 3 Honourable Mentions may also be awarded to recognise other Organisational Innovation projects in different categories and areas. All selected applications will receive a Diploma of Participation.

This edition has a new feature which is the selection of the best project in each area of the competition, given that it demonstrates abosulte merit. 

Important dates

Applications from 3 January to 29 February 2024  

Awards ceremony at NOVA's Organisational Innovation Gala - to be held on 22 April in connection with the World Creativity and Innovation Day which is celebrated on 21 April. 


Categories and sub-categories in competition

Projects applying for the ADN award must be able to fall into one of the following categories:

(a) new products, services or solutions
(b) new processes, approaches, procedures or organisational forms

and in one of the following areas, related to:

(a) Social Action and Innovation
b) Students or Alumni
c) Support to Value Creation, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
d) Internationalization
e) Research Support
f) Education Supporting
g) Sports or Cultural Activities
h) Internal Control and Auditing
i) Strategy and Planning
j) Quality Management
k) Facilities and Equipment Management
l) Human Resources Management
m) Financial Management
n) Governance
o) Marketing or Communication
p) Monitoring and Reporting of Results or Impacts
q) Library, Documentation and Bibliometric Services
r) Food Solutions and Services
s) Sustainability
t) ICT and Digital Transformation
u) Other

For any questions, contact: adn@unl.pt

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