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Lines of Action

The INNO - NOVA Center for Social Innovation promotes activities within defined areas of activity.

The work is done in close collaboration and cooperation with the social innovation units - research units, infrastructures, laboratories and study cycles - of the NOVA schools that constitute the Center, with a special focus on those of Law, Social Sciences and Information Management.

External partners include multiple entities from social sectors - companies, NGOs, municipalities, non-profit associations, social centers, among others.

Lines of Action

  • Dynamization of Applied Research Activities, in which groups of researchers from different areas of knowledge explore multi and interdisciplinary approaches to social issues
  • Promotion of Collaborative Research Activities, in which applied research is developed through a collaborative agenda with the private, public and social economy sectors
  • Development of training and qualification activities for private and social economic entities, as well as citizens
  • Promotion and dissemination of initiatives and results with positive social impact, as well as responses with social innovation
  • Promotion of scientific, social and cultural events
  • Incubation and acceleration of start-ups (resulting, or not, from the interface areas) and cowork in the area of ​​social innovation
  • Fostering public discussion on potential social responses and future activities considered essential for creating value by the INNO - NOVA Center for Social Innovation.