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As much as our students, Academic Staff from NOVA have excellent mobility opportunities, as well. The Teaching Mobility Programme, allows academic staff from NOVA to teach at a Partner Higher Education Institution (HEI), under General Cooperation Protocols established between NOVA and Partners HEIs or through specific Erasmus+ Agreements.

International Cooperation

As well as in the mobilities under the General Cooperation Protocols and others mobilities through the Erasmus Agreements, the interested teacher should consult the map of NOVA in the World to identify the countries and Partner HEI’s where there is cooperation.

For more information regarding international cooperation in the frame of General Cooperation Protocols, the teacher should contact the Mobility Office of his Academic Unit.

Erasmus+ Interinstitutional Agreement

The Erasmus+ Programme facilitates mobility for teaching or training missions at one of the European HEI with which NOVA has a valid Erasmus+ Interinstitutional Agreement. For detailed information and application procedures regarding this type of mobility, please check Teaching and Training Mobilities.

The Erasmus+ Programme, more specifically through the International Credit Mobility (ICM), provides opportunities for the Academic Staff who wish to teach for a short period of time in a non-European Partner HEI. For more information regarding the teaching mobility from NOVA to outside of Europe, please see Erasmus + ICM.

Currently, NOVA is the coordinating institution of the following ICM Projects:

The mobility of Academic Staff has exponentially grown in the last few years and the goal is to continue this positive evolution year after year. This steady increase of teachers’ mobility is demonstrated by the constant demand for international experience and also by the investment made by NOVA in promoting and encouraging this type of mobility. These are of extreme importance for the quality of the Academic Staff and also necessary for the internationalization strategy of NOVA.